How long have I been a fan: almost 1 year (November)

My first bias: SungYeol, I fell for him when I saw him in ‘Nothing’s Over’ and never un-fell for him. xD

Your current bias and why: SungYeol, (ULTIMATE BIAS) he’s just everything what you can think of. I love his smile, his funny side, his eyes, his serious look, his voice, his tears of hapiness, just everything!

Favourite song: Nothing’s Over but I love all songs

Favourite MV: Nothing’s Over (it’s just tooo cute)

OTP:  MyungYeol & WooYeol (but I don’t hate any pairing : OT7)

Member you think has the best smile: SungYeol ♥

Favourite choreography: Before the dawn & come back again

Favourite era: all

Do you own any merchandise: Yes 10 CD’s and I also 4 DVD’s (for now (more is on the way)) and 2 necklaces, 2 rings and almost all the posters.

Have you seen them live: No, but I definitely will, that’s a promise.

Favourite voice/singer: SungGyu and WooHyun

Favourite dancer: Hoya, dance machine! 

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