I love INFINITE/CN BLUE the most! SungYeol is MY ULTIMATE BIAS! ♥ INFINITE is MY LIFE! They are all flawless!♥ CN BLUE I love for the music and the lyrics. MyungYeol & WooYeol are the OTP's I'm obsessed about BUT I don't hate any pairing in INFINITE!! ~ I FOLLOW ONLY INFINITE BIASED BLOGS BACK! ~

Oh yes Woollim why not throw a comeback at us AND decide to throw INFINITE- That Summer (Jap. vers) concert DVD at us…sure, why not.

  1. kawaiiseok님이 남긴 말: omg this fandom is getting more and more expensive :D
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  3. smileitspanhia님이 남긴 말: Do you plan to order it too? I saw that it’s only Region 2.
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