I love INFINITE/CN BLUE the most! SungYeol is MY ULTIMATE BIAS! ♥ INFINITE is MY LIFE! They are all flawless!♥ CN BLUE I love for the music and the lyrics. MyungYeol & WooYeol are the OTP's I'm obsessed about BUT I don't hate any pairing in INFINITE!! ~ I FOLLOW ONLY INFINITE BIASED BLOGS BACK! ~

Should I participate?

Should I participate in #biggestINFINITEfan ?

  1. orangeebka님의 질문: yes you should!!
  2. makemebaek님의 질문: why do you even ask? it’s the same as if I ask you “Do you want to meet Sungyeol or not?” u__u
  3. yaknowitsmelo님이 남긴 말: Yes do it!! THE SECOND INVASION POSTER SET I AM CRYING SO MUCH!
  4. yeolmonster님의 질문: DEFINITELY SHOULD! YOU’LL WIN FOR SURE!
  5. applebunnyproductions님의 질문: lol do you even have to ask that ?
  6. hachigunnie님의 질문: YESSSSS
  7. lucky7infinite님의 질문: I envy you Infinite collection…
  8. cxxco님의 질문: holy mother of god…. ._. you should try participating!!
  9. yeolmoo님의 질문: Of course! ;D
  10. kuroidaiyamondo님이 포스팅했습니다.